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Are you passionate about education and eager to make a meaningful impact? Partner with us and become a part of a remarkable education revolution. As our franchisee, you will gain access to an extensive platform designed to support your every need, ensuring you have a fully functional setup from day one. Our comprehensive support system includes everything from a cutting-edge website to powerful marketing tools, all guided by insights from distinguished Indian and international experts in the field of counseling.

Benefits of Partnering with Us:

Complete Platform Access: From a professional website to advanced marketing tools, our platform provides everything you need to succeed.

Expert Onboarding Program: Learn from the best in the field through our onboarding program, combining knowledge from top Indian and international counseling experts.

Business Growth Opportunities: As a franchisee, you can build and expand your business, transforming into a successful Edupreneur without the worries of navigating unfamiliar territories.

Initial Capital Ease Our platform alleviates the initial capital expenditure concerns and the common challenges of starting a business.

Independent Setup with Mentorship: Enjoy the independence of your own setup while benefiting from our mentorship and support.

Diverse Opportunities: Work with progressive schools, reputed universities, and established consultancies, enhancing your reach and impact.

Your Path to Success: Combine your counseling expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to expand, enhance, and grow with us. If you have the potential and the right skills to drive your desire to become an Edupreneur, or if you aim to make a career in franchising, your search ends here.

Partnering for Mutual Growth: We seek like-minded professionals ready to join us in our growth journey, as we support theirs. The education sector in India is brimming with opportunities for career counselors. With 350 million students and only 10,000 professionally trained career counselors, the demand is immense. Schools often struggle to provide adequate career counseling due to the sheer volume of students and a shortage of quality guidance specialists. This gap creates a vast opportunity for career counseling firms and consultants to step in and fill the void.

Support We Provide:

Ongoing Training for Franchise Team Members: Continuous learning and development to keep your team at the forefront of the industry.

Sales and Marketing Guidance: Access to sales pitches, marketing and templates, and student acquisition techniques on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Learning Management System (LMS) and Digital Tools: Utilize advanced digital tools to streamline your operations and enhance learning experiences.

Experts' Visits, Suggestions, and Feedback: Regular interactions with experts to provide valuable suggestions and feedback.

Career Enhancement Cell: Technical support, mentorship, job, and internship support for students to ensure their career growth.

Guest Lectures and Sessions for Students: Enrich your students' learning with guest lectures and specialized sessions.

Join us in transforming education and making a lasting impact on students' lives. Become a franchise partner today and be part of a revolutionary journey in the education sector. Together, we can bridge the gap and provide quality career counseling to millions of students across India.

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Whatsapp Call: 7300023501


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