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Game development as a career is about developing and designing games which everyone plays on their laptop, mobile phones etc. It is a profession which involves hard work, dedication and passion for games. Making games is technical and creative work, and in this career, you will understand the technicality involved in the creation of a game. There is an increasing demand for games as there is an increasing development of gadgets, hence Game Development is a promising career option. Game developers can work as individuals or in an organization which is involved in developing games for various gadgets. The students of game development study about the technical steps, policies, developing creative games etc. Proficiency in C++, JAVA will be of an advantage in this career. Game developers make the core features of the video games which include conducting design reviews, designing role-play mechanics, coding and programming etc. Various paths are available for an individual to become a game developer that involve studying computer science engineering, animation and graphic designing etc.

Game Development
Career Roles & Responsibilities

Plan Game Projects

After receiving the game’s specifications and feature requests, game developers plan its storyline, characters, environment, activities, scoring, and progression. They break the project down into smaller parts for the team to handle, create schedules with estimated timelines, set milestones, and create prototypes.

Design Games

Often coordinating with dedicated visual designers, game developers use computer applications to make 2D and 3D models of game assets, including scenery and characters. They also create graphics for game art and maps. This includes animating the characters and designing any virtual reality environments used.

Write Code

Using programming languages suitable for the game’s target platform, game developers write the code that implements the game’s logic and allows the player to interact with the game world and its characters. This often involves having responsibility for specific parts of the code or game features and working with other developers to make the final product.

Test and Debug Games

Testing and debugging occur during the development process and after the game ships to players. Game developers use their eye for detail and automated testing tools to check for broken features and functionality, inspect their code for errors as they write it, and handle requests to fix performance and reliability issues.

Maintain Game Projects

After production, game developers continue to handle new feature requests and make improvements to the game. This can include producing add-ons and game packs, making updates that introduce new levels and characters, and adding online gameplay functionality.

Career Education Path Summary

How to Pursue a Career in Game Development




After Graduation

After Post Graduation

Path 1

Class XII with any stream (Preferably Science)

Pursue Bachelors in Graphic Designing/ Animation

Pursue Masters in Graphic Designing/ Animation/Diploma in Game Design


Path 2

Class XII with science stream

Pursue B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering

Pursue M. Tech in Computer Science Engineering/Diploma in Game Deign


Path 3

Class XII with science stream

Pursue B.Sc. Computer Science

Pursue M.Sc. Computer Science/Diploma in Game Design


Path 4

Class XII with any stream

Pursue Bachelors of Computer Applications

Pursue Masters of Computer Application/Diploma in Game Design


Important Facts

  • Must have passed class 12th or Senior Secondary Examination with at least 50% marks including English.
  • Online/offline Certification course in Game development will be of advantage for your profile.
  • Game planners are involved in game designing, deciding upon the characters, the theme of the games.
  • Transforming the design to the codes which will turn the design to the game which can be played on various gadgets such as computers, mobile phones etc.
  • Producing the audio features of the game such as character voices, background music etc.
  • Attending to the technical issues and evaluating them to overcome the problems while playing games.
  • This career also involves making 2D and 3D graphics, testing the quality of the game before its launch and resolving the issues in it.
Career Pros Details
  • Game development allows an individual to convert their passion for games into a career.
  • This career brings about a combination of animation, sound, graphics, programming and management which allows for obtaining information in various fields.
  • It is a creative outlet and helps you gain satisfaction that you created something for the enjoyment of the people.
Career Cons Details
  • Professionals might have to work long hours and according to the deadlines.
  • It might take years to get a project approved and launched, so it is a slow process.
  • Since there is a lot of competition in the Gaming Industry, there is no room of mistakes.


Key skills for video game developers

  • Creativity
  • A passion for video games
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends
  • The strong analytical frame of mind
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Proficiency in programming languages, such as C# and C++
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