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Home Science is both a science and an art-related multi-disciplinary field of study involving biology, chemistry, physics, physiology, hygiene, economics, rural development, child development, sociology and family relations, community living, art, nutrition, textiles, and home management. One can specialize in any of the five streams of home science - Food and Nutrition, Resource Management, Human Development, Fabric, and Apparel Science and Communication and Extension or have a general understanding of all streams. A career in Home Science is best suited for modern women with keen aesthetic sensibilities in contemporary arts & modern housekeeping among others.

Home Science
Career Education Path Summary

How to Pursue a Career in Home Science




After Graduation

After Post Graduation


Class XII with science/any stream (Home science as an option)

Pursue B.Sc. in Home Science for 3 years

PursueM.Sc. Home Science (Specializations in Food and Nutrition, Family Resource Management, Apparel, and Textile Science, Extension and Communication Management and Human Development) for 1-2 years

Pursue M.Phil in Home Science for 2 years or/and Ph.D. for 3-4 years


Class XII with Science/any stream (Home Science as an option)

Pursue B.Sc. Home Science for 3 years

Pursue P.G. Diploma in Home Science for 1-2 years


Important Facts

  • Most Colleges/Institutes provide admission on the basis of Class 12th percentage. Some institutes also conduct interviews.
  • Most colleges have eligibility criteria of a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in Class XII with Science Stream or Home Science as one of the subjects.
  • M.Sc. Home Science is available as a course only in select colleges with specialization in different fields.
  • Some colleges have a mandatory requirement of having passed Class XII with at least one of Physics, Chemistry or Biology/ Home Science
  • Recommended Subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Home Science For Lectureship in Home Science, National Educational Test (NET) or Ph.D. is mandatory

 Leading Institutes

Top Home Science Institutes in India




Lady Irwin College (University of Delhi)

New Delhi


J.D. Birla Institute of Home Science



S.N.D.T. Women's University



College of Home Science (Assam Agricultural University)

Jorhat, Assam


College of Home Science

Hyderabad, Bhubaneshwar, Bikaner


Department of Home Science (University of Calcutta)



Nirmala Niketan college of Home Sciences(University of Bombay)



Government Home Science College (Panjab University)



CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University

Palampur, Himachal Pradesh


St. Joseph's Degree College for Women (Andhra University)



College of Home Science (Rajendra Agricultural University)



Goa college of Home Science



Banasthali University



  • Depending on your specialization, you have the option of working as a dietitian, food scientist, textile designer, interior designer, apparel designer, family counselor, teacher, researcher, and social worker.
  • The hotel industry also has a high demand for the skills of a Home Science graduate in the areas of housekeeping and food catering.
  • Students with a Masters in Home Science can take up teaching the subject in schools and colleges.
  • They can also work with food brands as sales representatives, food analysts, and research assistants. In fact, many MNCs prefer Home Science candidates because of their sound knowledge in chemistry, nutrition, and other sciences.
  • Home Science education equips you with the indispensable knowledge to become an entrepreneur. You can either start a school, set up your nutrition consultancy, or get into textile manufacturing.

Career Opportunities in Home Science

  • Production Industry
  • Tourism and service industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Teaching and research
  • Self-Employment
  • Textile and Clothing
  • Resource Management
  • Food & beverage companies.
  • Confectionaries & bakeries.
  • NGOs.
  • Hospitals.
  • Hotels.
  • Health center.
  • Hobby center.
  • Interior designing.
  • Grooming center.
  • Child care / Daycare center.
  • Resource management.
  • Textile & clothing.
  • Housing & furniture.
  • Old age home.
  • Fabric & apparel Designing.
  • Preservation of Vegetables, & other food items.
Similar Careers
  • Work with a variety of materials including man-made and natural textiles, leather, fur, plastics, and metals
  • Provide nutritional counseling and create a clinical treatment plan
  • Evaluate the nutritional needs of patients
  • Develop fabrics for furnishings, clothing, household items, medical supplies, or textiles for use within the automotive industry
  • Schedule home maintenance and repair work, and supervise the project
  • Manage the household schedules and calendar evaluating the nutritional value, color, flavor, and texture of food
  • Work closely with other food production staff including microbiologists, engineers, packaging specialists, and buyers
  • Prepare and implement learning and skills development plans for the targeted population, on a weekly and/or monthly basis.
  • Prepare instructional, developmental, and recreational materials, facilities, and types of equipment.
  • The job offers good remuneration in various profiles. A degree holder in B.A. Home Science may get a monthly salary of INR 10000-20000 per month. The job offers good remuneration in various profiles. A degree holder in B.A. Home Science may get a monthly salary of INR 10000-20000 per month.
  • In the age of the Global revolution, Home Science has gained a considerable reputation.
  • The salary charged by fresher graduates is around 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR per month. 
  • The pay for a Home Science professional depends upon the person’s nature, household, company, and institution which hires him/ her.
  • Well experienced and well natured and well-disciplined home science professionals can command at par with other professionals.
Career Pros Details
  • Provides a wide scope of subjects to study and specialize
  • It is a professional field of study
  • Good prospects in terms of salary and jobs
Career Cons Details
  • Only for people who love biology and sciences
  • No other cons as such
  • To serve one’s clients & customers equally and for their highest satisfaction.
  • To pay attention to the quality of goods & service provided.
  • Since a Home science professional has the responsibility of the complete household, He/she must be very well organized.
  • Must maintain the highest level of hygiene herself/ himself.
  • Common sense and good communication skills are essential.
  • Ability to mix and gel well with all kinds of people.
  • Being patient & flexible.
  • Ability to express oneself and hold one’s ground at the time of speaking the truth.
  • Must possess manual agility and should be fit & healthy physically and mentally.
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