AI Based Career Assessment Platform

5 Dimensional Career Assessment Platform

Career Analysis across 150+ Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations AI for higher Accuracy and reliability

Find out the most suitable career path and get an execution plan in just 45 Minutes.

32 + Dedicated Assessments starting from 8th Class Students to Graduates and Professionals.


AI Based Career Assessment Platform

College Admission Predictors

Admission chances at the career path level based on Psychometric, Abilities and Academic analysis

180000 + Top colleges and 1000+ exams analysis for each candidate. Set your career milestones

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Free Online Consultations


Free Online Consultations

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Psychometric Assessment

Remarkable brings to you scientific and meticulously designed Psychometric Career Assessments to discover your true potential and interest


World’s Largest Online University Fair Platform

Explore and identify the right-fit programs

E-meet academic & admission teams from top Universities

Find exciting scholarship and financial aid options

Apply to Universities with a single-button click


Personalized Path Way To Help Launch Your Dream Career

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Psychometric Test

  • Ideal Career Test

    Designed to reduce and remove confusion, this assessment measures who you are and matches you against several aspects of what would make an Ideal career for you.

  • Stream Selector

    This Psychometric test is specifically designed to help answer the most important question “What should one do after Class 10?” The test helps you to identify the most suitable choice of stream for you. It targets logical reasoning and determines your strengths and weaknesses to help you figure out your abilities required to choose the best suitable stream.

  • Skill Based Career Test

    Want to know what careers match the skills you already have? Skill based assessments can do just that! This test can give you concrete ideas about what you may be designed to do. The results can encourage you to look at jobs or industries you may not have considered before. You’ll walk away from this career test with a slew of potential job/career options.


About Remarkable

We are a pure service oriented organisation in the Education domain. Our service offering is unique and highly customized. We enable and empower schools, students, faculties and parents alike with our streamlined counselling backed by latest trends, internationally recognized cutting edge practices in the field of coaching, clinical, psychological and career counselling; along with customized One on One personal time with experienced eminent faces from respective fields. Our subject matter expertise in the field of career counselling & coaching establishes a link between renowned educational institutions in India and in foreign Universities. With the advanced technology in play, we delve deep to assess the student’s needs and personality to provide customised solutions at an individual level ensuring a win-win situation for all the parties..

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Student Testimonials

How Career Guide is changing lives

“The uncanny understanding of universities around the world and the belief in my potentials led me through this journey of fetching the right kind of course for myself. I'd like to acknowledge the efforts by Prachee Gaur from Remarkable Education for helping me do the same.”

Divyansh Batra Student

"The best bit was finding out there are so many options for the future!"
"I think today was amazing. I know that if anyone came they would have a great time."

Thanks Remarkable!

Nikita Sharma Student

"The uncanny understanding of universities around the world and the belief in my potentials led me through this journey of fetching the right kind of course for myself. I'd like to acknowledge the efforts by Prachee Gaur from Remarkable Education for helping me do the same.

Devyansh Batra Student

The best thing for me was asking the counsellor’s questions I wasn't sure about, and she didn't think we were stupid. I had a fabulous day and I enjoyed the session."
Happy to have you people in Jodhpur.

Prateek Charan Student

Remarkable Education has given an excellent service for the cultural exchange programme held at University of Bedfordshire, London. The workshops based on design, challenged my creativity and gave me exposure on new subjects.
I am happy with the service.

Poonam Bafna Student
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